Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Cold Room Services in Saudi Arabia

A cool room is basic to a few industries, giving a perfect storage solution to safeguard different items like foods and medicines. It is additionally utilized for both business and logical applications to control the temperature in a particular domain including data centers and research facilities. The industrial refrigeration system installed in cool rooms will rely on upon the prerequisites and determinations. The refrigeration system involves a condenser unit, evaporator unit and a rack system. The evaporator unit is introduced inside the walk in refrigerator, while the condenser unit is situated outside the building or in a plant space to keep it from producing extra warmth inside the building and the cold room.

In recognized industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical and research & environmental, temperature controlled environments are vital to ensure that products and supplies are kept in optimum condition. Saudi Salajah brings the cold rooms services in Riyadh. We manufactured cold rooms of any size as per the need of customer.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Blast Chillers And Freezers in Riyadh

The major aim of blast chillers and blast freezers is to rapidly drop the temperature of food. These chillers and freezers are the most effective way of chilling food safely and preventing from damage.
Blast chillers and freezers are the perfect addition to any commercial catering establishment as restaurants, hotels, cafes and school canteens where food is pre-prepared and re-heated when needed
Maintains Food Quality
Common bacterial development amid the cooling procedure implies that once cooked, sustenance loses a large portion of its engaging qualities. So as to keep up nourishment quality it is essential to lessen any type of sustenance crumbling by taking control of mugginess, time and temperature. Picking the correct impact chiller/cooler will empower you.
Prevents Food Shrinkage
Depending upon the nourishment sort, encompassing temperature, moistness and time scales, sustenance can rapidly lessen in size and weight through dampness misfortune. Utilizing the right chilling system, an impact chiller can fundamentally lessen the level of drying out of items by keeping the regular vanishing that happens when nourishment is left to cool in a typical domain.
Improves Shelf Life
By reducing the timeframe when nourishment temperature normally quickens the rate at which harmful bacteria develops, you can build the time span of usability of items.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Commercial Refrigeration Company in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Salajah is the main organization which fulfills the refrigeration and air conditioning need in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. We undertake industrial and commercial refrigeration services as well as provide transport refrigeration solutions to the industry.We embrace the establishment of refrigeration units over trucks, vans and transport aerating and cooling. Refrigerated trucks are key for transportation and putting away of nourishment material, substance, fish and pharmaceutical. We give an answer for the client according to their necessities and uses. We generally convey the administration at the time.
We have an all around expert group for the installation and repair of bus air conditioning in the Riyadh. We offer you the best administration to inspire your going through the transport. We have worldwide Brands like Carrier, Zepro, Thermal Master, we are well equipped to serve the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia industry with modern and reliable refrigeration products and services. We likewise construct cold body truck manufacturer to keep the nourishment protected, fitting of chillers and freezers in truck, cold rooms, ice plants and display chillers.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Steps To Build Cold Rooms !!!

Step 1: site selection and preparation
 Based on the nature of use, cold storage can be divided into distributed cold room, retailed cold room and productive cold room. Productive cold room is built in the place that has concentrated supply of goods, convenient transportation and close distance to market. Cold storage is better built in the shade areas. The small cold room should be built inside the building. Cold storage should have good drainage conditions.
Step 2: confirmation of cold storage capacity and temperature
 The size of cold room should be determined by the amount of storage. The limit is computed by involved volume of capacity items, the line path, space between the roof and heap and divider, and the bundling crevice. After assurance of frosty stockpiling limit, we ought to decide the length and stature of icy room. Essential subordinate structures and offices ought to be considered in cool room outline, for example, working room, pressing room, instrument room, stacking and emptying room and so on.
Step 3: selection and installation of cold storage heat preservation material
Determination of cool storage heat safeguarding material ought to alter measures to nearby conditions. The material ought have great warmth protection execution as well as be monetary and down to earth. Chilly stockpiling protection material has a few sorts: one is thst can be prepared into settled shape and detail which has settled length, width and thickness. Distinctive boards are accessible as indicated by various collecting needs.
 Step 4: selection of cold storage cooling system
Determination of cold storage cooling system is basically the choice of refrigeration compressor and the evaporator. As a rule, little cool room picks hermetic compressor on the grounds that the hermetic compressor has low power and the cost is moderately shabby. Medium-sized frosty room for the most part chooses semi-hermetic compressor. Vast estimated cold room chooses semi-hermetic compressor. High temperature cool room picks fan sort evaporator whose attributes is quick down temperature speed however effectively water devouring. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Industrial Refrigeration

A cold rooms and freezer maintenance is an essential part of many hotels and convenience stores. As an expansive vitality client, it is once in a while considered until issues develop, and can bring about costly misfortunes to the items put away inside the cooler. Pointless high vitality utilize can likewise be maintained a strategic distance from by watching your units, and making a move. Proper cleaning and upkeep is urgent, a safeguard support schedule can give you genuine feelings of serenity and increment the life expectancy. Saudi Salajah in Saudi Arabia is single source of industrial refrigeration, repair, support, and installation of blast freezers and blast chillers, ice plants and display units. Evaporators are a fundamental part of frezzers. As air disregards the cooling curls dampness develops and solidifies. Industrial chillers in Saudi Arabia are classified as a refrigeration system that cools a process fluid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities. A client who strolls in can become acquainted with various sorts of transport units, suitable trucks, box measurements, temperatures. A practical and ideal arrangement is touched base with regards to spending plan, save part costs, benefit costs, lifecycle and different needs.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Food Safety !!

Considering customer satisfaction as a prime factor Saudi Salajah Refrigeration and AirConditioning Company in Riyadh, offers the best transport refrigeration. When it comes to protecting you and your family from food borne illness, one of your major effective tools is the refrigeration of truck. Cooling foods at the proper temperature and in proper storage containers is necessary to prevent it from spoilage. Transportation of food is more important than food preparation and serving. Now, it’s easy to build your truck with the complete high quality refrigerators. Truck Refrigeration can substantially reduce the rate at which food will become bad. In fact, at room temperature, the numbers of bacteria that causes illness increases. Trucks are mainly used for food transportation. Refrigerated truck is used to keep food grains and other goods that must be kept at cold temperatures to avoid spoilage. Saudi Salajah provides high quality refrigerators for your truck.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Benefits of Having A Counter Top & Upright Display Freezer

Are you hoping to purchase display freezer for your benefit store, retail outlet or eatery, then you have gone to the correct place! Here in this article, we will talk about some awesome reasons why you ought to get one. Maybe, when you wind up perusing this article, you can have a superior comprehension about the accessible alternatives. Ledge display freezer will absolutely be a lifeline when you are enticing your clients.

A ledge display freezer permits bistros, accommodation stores, shops and different organizations keep sustenance and beverages at the ideal temperature to cart away the chances of nourishment harming which may come about because of the ill-advised capacity. You may have seen ledge displays in the nearby nourishment store or in eateries. With the display freezers upright, purchasers can undoubtedly observe the accessible sustenance and drink things without opening the doors. There are a few organizations that offer little display cupboards which stores can use to display nourishment things close by counters where clients can basically go after their inclination. Ledge displays can arrive in an assortment of outline alternatives to browse – for example, some ledge display freezers are framed solely to hold packaged beverages, cakes or even fish. This totally relies on the sort of item you need to store and the particular style that you buy must have the capacity to maintain the perfect temperature environment for the items you will store in it.

Positively, a snazzy ledge display freezer is a very late buy plausibility that pretty much any store could introduce with a specific end goal to help up item deals. In spite of the fact that, on the off chance that you are having a little store, then you may need to go for the small scale display freezers. Be that as it may, if spending plan is the thing that that stops you then you can get an utilized ledge display freezers at a sensible cost. Such chillers are perfect for wherever that draws the consideration of quick paced stream of clients. Your ledge display freezers is favorable position that your ordinary purchasers will be grateful for.

There are various producers, offering high caliber, alluring and exceptionally outlined triple glass door freezers to keep your sustenance and drinks at premium temperatures and to put off from sudden ecological changes. You can get an inconceivable scope of display freezers with ledge that will fit anybody's needs; it is possible that you require them for your retail outlet, accommodation store or market, you'll have an extensive variety of alternatives to browse.

Ledge display freezer have turned into a vital part of each accommodation stores and retail outlets nowadays. On the off chance that you are offering refrigerated items than display freezers with ledge is the must thing for you! In any case, the most essential thing that you have to consider before finishing the buy is to gauge the measure of your premises. You keep your business prerequisites first. On the off chance that you need to give your outlet a more rich look then you may run for display freezer with glass beat and a dark covered outside, or a stainless steel outline.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

 Is it a condition of your business that your goods or commodities are kept in a cool or temperature-controlled atmosphere? Whether it’s for storage or shipping, you may be on the lookout for a good cold storage result to prevent your products from worsening.
There are a number of different options for you to choose from; chest-freezers, walk-in freezer rooms and cold storage facilities are a few promise, but none of them can offer the same payback as a fully mobile, adjustable cold storage in Riyadh container. Read on to find out more about the payback of cold storage units!

1. Cold storage units have multiple functions for a range of uses

Because they are completely temperature adaptable, our cold storage rooms can be used for a range of different functions; just regulate the temperature setting and the cold storage unit converts into a drying room or blast freezers in Riyadh. You can also preserve a constant air temperature to prevent product deterioration, or use the unit for dehumidifying. Because they are tightly sealed and a constant temperature is maintained, our cold storage units are a great way to protect your goods and products from great conditions.

2. Cold storage units offer adaptable temperature control

With our easy temperature control function, you can adjust our cold  rooms in Saudi Arabia to be anywhere from negative thirty degrees Celsius to plus thirty degrees Celsius. And since our cold storage units are completely sealed, insulated and monitored, you can rely on them to maintain the temperature surroundings of your choice – no matter what temperature it is outside!   With our temperature control panel, it’s easy to change the setting. Simply prefer the temperature of your choice, and you can leave the cold rooms unit to take care of the rest.

3. Cold storage units offer customisable sizes and setting

Your goods or products may need a very exact storage solution due to their size, shape, or temperature needs. Thankfully, our temperature controlled storage units are fully customisable – so you can make the essential changes to accommodate your particular goods or products. Simply let us know what you need, and we can adjust our cold storage units as required.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Role of refrigerated Trucks ........

Refrigerated transportation carriers from saudi salajah ,the top refrigeration company are a must when you require to  transport fresh items. If you’re just starting to look at this method of transport, the following fundamentals should give you an idea of what you can expect from a shipper.

1. Temperature Controlled – To ensure that all food substance remain within the temperature controls dictated by federal food code guidelines, refrigerated transportation carriers use thermometers and temperature control systems to ensure that all food remains at the appropriate temperature for the duration of the journey. This gives you peace of mind that your food is being transported in a way that conserve it flavor and protects it from spoil. Carrier transportation should be able to hold your food at below freezing or normal refrigerated temperature so that everything arrives in the best likely condition.

2. Items package for defense – Since many items that need refrigeration are also highly perishable and breakable, you can expect a refrigerated carrier to have methods in place to protect goods from jostling during transport. Truck refrigeration  have superior deferral systems so that items in transit are not jostled by the rough condition of a highway. Generally, refrigerated moving carriers will have measures in place concerning the damage of items during transit, so that you have peace of mind that all the items shipped will arrive in usable condition.

3. Costlier Than Regular Cargo Transit – Refrigerated trucks, which are used in this type of transportation, consume more petroleum than non-refrigerated trucks. The extra fuel helps to keep the refrigerated container cool during the journey. As a result, the overall cost of carrying items from one place to one more is significantly higher when using a chilled truck.

In addition to serving the idea of transporting food substance, refrigerated trailers provide the solution to long-distance transport of vaccines and medicines that commonly need to be maintained at lower temperatures. This is termed as the “cold chain”. For shipment of items that are temperature sensitive, chilled trucking and logistics is the ideal answer for providing an unbroken series for cold storage and conveyance from producer to the consumer end. In this way, the integrity and the molecular formulation of the medicines is maintained for maximum efficiency.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Needs of Parallel Compressor System in Refrigeration ......

Refrigeration systems designed by Saudi salajah to provide the highest level of energy efficiency while maintain an operational integrity that is supreme in the industry.

Parallel Compressor Systems offered by Saudi salajah feature multiple compressors that all work together to be sufficient refrigerated loads.  This type of system is applied to many different applications; the most common are supermarkets, large chilled warehouse space, cold storage & allocation centers, and food processing facilities.Parallel Systems or “Racks” provide enormous incentive over alternative refrigeration methods.  The most notable advantages are:

Energy Efficiency–  By using numerous compressors and processor optimization, the compressors cycle on and off to always match the precise cooling requirements.  Therefore compressors are not forced to run only to maintain a working pressure.  some other factors help reduce energy use when using parallel systems, for example–condenser fan cycling, compressor receiving, lower year round head pressure,  and hot gas unfreeze.

Compressor Redundancy– Through the use of numerous compressors all working together to maintain the load, a certain degree of redundancy is created.  If a compressor failure occurs, there are additional rack systems of compressors to hand out the load which provide minimal divergence from design temperature.  The degree of redundancy can be specified to a point where no temperature divergence occurs.

Flexibility– Systems are custom designed to match the exact needs of the customer.  Moreover, through flexibility of compressor performance and computer controls future load additions or temperature changes can be accommodating.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Are Your Food Items being Safe??Do You Have Cold Rooms????

 A cold store is any building or part of a building utilized for capacity at temperatures controlled by refrigeration at lower range. There are a wide range of sorts of organizations that require the utilization of cold room. Eateries, supermarkets, inns, providing food organizations, flower specialists or even research foundations and labs. Each one of these organizations will have diverse requirements for their cold room. An eatery or inn may require a greater cooler to keep nourishment for more, while a research center may just need to store a couple tests in a little space. Cold rooms can be built fit as a fiddle and size. A cold room made particularly to suit your necessities implies that you won't need to spend superfluous additional cash on space you needn't bother with. Being one of the main firms in the business, Saudi Salajah are possessed in introducing a wide cluster of Cold Room Indoor Unit. Salajah's experts utilize just quality allowed crude material, procured from solid suppliers of industry like Al mullah Group,GEA  Germany, Walter Roller & Company etc. These company items are greatly utilized as a part of the business sector because of their smooth usefulness and top execution. What's more, Cold Room specialists have both broad and serious space information of your industry - learning that helps us outline and convey effective, dependable and impeccable Cold Room in Riyadh answers for your accurate need. These are connected into sustenance handling, accommodation, distribution centers, nourishment retail, dairy and frozen yogurt industry, meat, chicken and fish preparing industry, horticulture, pharmaceuticals and numerous others. Advantages of cool rooms are:

1.       High and Consistent quality.
2.       Higher vitality reserve funds and elite as low warm conductivity.
3.       Dry development, snappy and simple to erect.
4.       Flexibility to pick the different thicknesses of boards.
5.       Higher vitality investment funds and superior.
6.       Doors with Hinges locks and Handles.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Cold Rooms for Sale .......

A cold room is a room or modular structure is designed to optimize uniform temperature within. Saudi Salajah in Riyadh, the top refrigeration company offers cold rooms for customers with a wide variety. Cold rooms are indispensable part of food industry. They will provide good storage at optimum temperatures for keeping food fresh. Cold rooms in Riyadh can fulfill the required standard of food safety. Typically, there are two types of commercial cold rooms; walk-in cold rooms and interleaving modular cold rooms. Cold room storage is also required for many types of non-edible goods such as medical, chemical or other laboratory supplies, as well as plant and flower crops. Saudi Salajah offers cold rooms in Saudi with the following features:

Modular construction that enables quick and easy installation.
Flexible panel sizes.
Wide range optimal temperature management.
Multi functional settings to suit different products.
A cold room by Saudi Salajah ensures that walls, ceilings, doors, corners and floors are perfectly         aligned.
Consists of sliding doors etc.

          Saudi Salajah is the manufacturers and suppliers Cold Rooms in Middle East. Salajah offers cold room construction as per the customer requirements and cold rooms such as cold rooms for dairy, cold rooms for sea food industry, cold rooms for hotels and restaurant, cold rooms for convenience store, cold rooms for hospitals, colds rooms for floriculture segment, cold rooms for horticulture etc.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Al mulla Products From Saudi Salajah

Carrier provides commercial refrigeration solutions to meet the needs of all types of stores, from large supermarkets to smaller convenience stores. Al mullas group’s refrigerated boxes are available in a wide variety of unit styles, each recognized for quality, performance and energy efficiency. Al Mulla Group is a leading diversified privately held business group based in the State of Kuwait. Al Mulla Transport Refrigeration division was established in 1984 for the purpose of manufacturing insulated bodies used for frozen, chiller and dry cargo transportation. Saudi Salajah provides refrigerated boxes and cold storage boxes of Al mulla groups. Salajah offers Cargo boxes for various types of goods with customized storage & opening for different applications, for instance sliding doors, shutter doors of Al mulla Group.Al mulla Products which are provided from Saudi Salajah have Some Advantages like Light weight body, high load bearing capacity, easy assembly and mounting on vehicles etc. Customers do not need to choose between performance and efficiency when it comes to commercial refrigeration.  Saudi Salajah’s offers Al mullas refrigerated boxes in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia.Al mulla give Specially engineered flooring, having high load bearing capacity, resistant to water seepage, Special flooring with aluminum T-sections available for tougher usage involving movement of pallet trucks through Saudi Salajah.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Bitzer Condensing Units in Riyadh

Saudi Salajah, the top air conditioning and Refrigeration Company in Saudi Arabia offers Bitzer condensing units for the customers. Bitzer condensing units are compact .Robust condensing units with semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors are Offered by Saudi Salajah. Compared to individual compressor and condenser combinations, they operate optimally and with low sound levels even in high ambient temperatures. The air-cooled condensing units from Saudi Salajah with large heat exchange surfaces are extremely versatile thanks to individual compressor and condenser combinations. Depending on requirements, the appropriate compressor can be mounted on the condensing unit. Saudi Salajah offers the broadest, most reliable condensing unit product line possible. Condensing units have various designs and come in many sizes ranging from small household appliance units to very large industrial units used in food and manufacturing processes. Saudi Salajah, pioneer the design and development of condensing units for various applications.  We offer a complete range of air and water-cooled, indoor and outdoor condensing units for commercial refrigeration applications. Bitzer is the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors over 3 HP. Bitzer compressors is famous for their low sound levels. We change capacities within a frame size by changing our bore diameters rather than the length of the piston strokes. Bitzer condensing units are offered by Saudi Salajah in Riyadh. High efficiency Bitzer condensing unit with heat pump variant provides heating & cooling for industry standard air handling units from Saudi Salajah.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Cold Store Designs in Saudi

Foods and many other commodities can be preserved by storage at low temperature, which retards the activities of micro organisms. Micro organisms are the spoilage agents and consist of bacteria, yeasts and molds. Low temperature does not destroy those spoilage agents as does high temperature, but greatly reduces their activities, providing a practical way of preserving perishable foods in their natural state which otherwise is not possible through heating. The low temperature necessary for preservation depends on the storage time required often referred to as short or long term shortage and the type of product. A cold storage unit in Saudi Arabia incorporates a refrigeration system to maintain the desired room environment for the commodities to be stored. Saudi Salajah offers an excellent range of Cold Storage Equipment from Saudi Salajah to our clients. This Cold Storage facility in Riyadh is ideal for a varied range of products and commodities. Commodities such as vegetables and other edible items are required to be stored for a longer period of time. Less power consumption, High performance, Tough constructions are the main advantages.  Saudi Salajah is the leading refrigeration and air conditioning Company in Riyadh which manufacturing, exporting, importing & supplying an extensive array of Cold Storage. Designed with utmost precision, this cold storage is manufactured from quality proven raw material that ensure its quality and performance. Saudi Salajah’s Cold Storage Division offers you a wide range of cooling and preservation solutions.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Industrial chillers from Saudi Salajah are classified as a refrigeration system in Riyadh that cools a process fluid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities. A chiller From Saudi Salajah will use either a vapor compression or absorption cycle to cool. There are three different types of chillers: Air, Water, and Evaporative condensed chillers. The mechanical compression cycle of a Chiller has four basic components through which the refrigerant passes: (1) the evaporator (2) the compressor (3) the condenser (4) the expansion valve. The evaporator in the chiller will operate at a lower pressure and lower temperature than the condenser. Saudi Salajah is providing our esteemed customers with an exemplary Industrial Chiller. Designed in line with the prevailing markets trends, these products are suitable for providing cool water and air. These products are highly durable and efficient owing to top quality raw-material procured from the most reliable vendors in the market. Saudi Salajah is a designer & industrial chiller manufacturer. Our products include liquid chillers, portable chillers, used chillers, stationary chillers, air-cooled chillers, cooling systems, industrial chillers, & water chillers.  Chiller Manufactures in Riyadh are of the best quality, offered at low costs with long warranties. Saudi Salajah’s chillers are ideal for those applications which require water-cooling to run smoothly.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Chillers From Saudi Salajah

A "chiller," for our purpose, is a refrigeration system that cools water. This chiller maintenance in Riyadh can be used to cool a wide range of operations. Chiller maintenance types have been designed to cater to the diversified requirement of industrial chillers. Water chillers by Saudi Salajah have evolved due to the variety in availability of type of energy at industry or small level. Types of chillers have made the use of the chillers flexible in terms of energy input .Air conditioners and dehumidifiers condition the air while a chiller, using the same refrigerating operations, cools water, oil, or some other fluid. A few of the most common process chiller application examples: Plastics Industry, Printing Industry , Medical Industry - MRI systems, HVAC industry, Laser Cutting Industry. A chiller from Saudi Salajah can be used to cool any machine or process that operates at 60° F or over. A cooling tower can be used to cool any machine or process that operates at 85° F or higher.  Industrial chillers in Saudi Arabia are classified as a refrigeration system that cools a process fluid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities. There are three different types of chillers:

 (1) Air condensed chiller
 (2) Water condensed chiller
 (3) Evaporate condensed chiller.

 Industrial chillers are designed to perform at peak efficiency. Chiller   Maintenance Company in  Riyadh steps done on a regular basis will help guarantee your chiller will perform at an optimized    efficiency level.  

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Refrigeration Comapny

        The Commercial refrigeration is a wonderful asset in today's society. Commercial Refrigeration is the process of removing heat energy from an enclosed space or from a substance in order to reducing the temperature. Refrigeration Company in Saudi Arabia is also defined as the action of maintaining the temperature of a particular space lower than that of the surrounding space. Food and drink retailers, distributors and producers are investing in refrigeration systems to maximize the energy efficiency, maintain product quality and quantity.  In the developing world, refrigeration Company in Saudi Arabia is chiefly used to store  the foodstuffs in  low temperatures, thereby  inhibiting the destructive action of bacteria’s .Whenever food is incorrectly stored in the fridge at a temperature that will decreases the nutrient value, appearance, or quality of the food.   The basic components of modern vapour-compression refrigeration equipment in Saudi Arabia are a compressor; a condenser; and an evaporator. Other applications of Commercial refrigeration include making ice, ice cream, chilled water, frozen food etc.

Monday, 20 June 2016

What Type Of Condensing Unit You Need???

In heat systems, a condenser is a device or unit used to condense a substance from its gaseous form to its liquid state, by cooling itself. There are three types of condensers used in the systems. We need to choose the right Condensing Unit in Riyadh:
Remote Cooled

1) Air Cooled

                    The most common type of Condensing Unit in Riyadh available in market is a Condensing Unit in Riyadh. As the name implies, it uses air to cool the ice machine that generally consumes less energy .However, in order for an air-cooled condenser to be effective, the temperature in the area has to be below 75 degrees.  Most common uses for air cooled condensers are domestic refrigerators, upright freezers and in residential packaged Condensing Unit in Riyadh.

2) Water Cooled

                 A second type of Condensing Unit in Riyadh is a water-cooled condenser. A water-cooled ice machine's production is mainly depending upon the temperature of the water, not air.  Depending on the location, the temperature of the water can vary will affecting output levels. Depending on the application you can choose from tube in tube, shell and coil or shell and tube condensers. All are essentially made to produce the same outcome, but each in a different way. 

 3)  Remote Cooled

                   The third type of Condensing Unit in Riyadh is known as a remote-cooled condenser. This type Condensing Unit in Riyadh of condenser is air-cooled. But it uses a separate cooling unit usually located on the roof to cool the ice machines. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Cold Storage Rooms in Saudi Arabia

Is it a requirement that your goods or products are kept in a temperature-controlled environment? Whether it’s for storage or transportation, it might be on the lookout for a good and efficient cool storage solution to prevent your products from deterioration. There are a number of options for you to choose from; chest-freezers, walk-in freezer rooms and cold storagefacilities. Cold Storage design in Saudi Arabia is a special type of room, in which the temperature is kept very low with the help of machines. And also precision instruments .In our fields we are producing variety of fruits and vegetables like apples, grapes, oranges, potatoes etc. It’s very important to keep them in a safe condition. Cold storage facilities in Saudi Arabia are the main component for those perishable commodities. During peak time of production and maintenance of quality of production, Cold storage design in Saudi Arabiaare helpful for extending the shelf life, period of marketing, reducing transport bottle necks etc. Advantages of a cold storage room in Saudi Arabia are:

1.       Cold storage units have multiple functions for a range of uses.

2.      Cold storage  design in Saudi Arabia offered adjustable control over temperature.

3.      Cold storage design units in Saudi Arabia offer customizable sizes and settings.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Why Air Conditioning???

Air conditioning is the process of removal of temperature from atmosphere. Air conditioning offers many advantages to homeowners and businesses. The main advantages are Save energy and maintain our ideal indoor air quality with that. Whatever is your need for air conditioning, cooling, Saudi salajah have a wide range of services available. Finally, Air conditioning units work by removing in warm air from a atmosphere, removing heat from that air, and then picking up the cool air back into the room .Our company  offers maintenance and installation services for your air conditioning, refrigeration units .Especially fitting of air conditioners for buses, refrigerators for trucks and fitting of  chillers and freezers.

Benefits of air conditioning:

Temperature control: We can easily control the temperature if the atmosphere gets too hot. This ensures comfortable of you and your family.

Removal of pollutants from the air:  An air conditioner helps circulate indoor air and filter out dust, smoke and other pollutants which cause Allergies.

Prevents overheating of Food Items.

Things to consider before installing an air conditioner:

Dry air – Air conditioners can remove humidity from the air, which will helps us to make indoors feel less stuffy on hot days.

•     Increased electricity consumption – Air conditioners works with electricity, so there will  be a rise in your electricity bill. However, our air conditioning units are very energy efficient .Therefore we can reduce our electricity bill.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Do you know the ultimate temperature for sleeping? Doctors  suggests that sleeping at colder temperatures is than that of  sleeping in a hot room. From various   studies, It implies that the ideal sleeping temperature is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature level  is aligned with the natural rise and fall in  human body temperature .Cold rooms are very helpful to keep our body temperature as well as our food items. Implementation of cold rooms are very easy with Saudi salajah .Cold rooms are now available on smaller size to large sizes and also different models. Cold rooms  are available for cold and freezer storage as well as other purposes. When we walk-in cold rooms can be used with or without insulated floors on that. Advantages of our cold rooms are:

  • No specific standards and No modular systems
  • Can be easily Customized
  • Different types of designs and size
  • Can be assemble easily and quickly
  • Balanced refrigeration and freezing systems
  • Chillers and freezers installation
  • Good maintenance

The basement of cold room establishments are design and constructions. Cold room installation and management are in modular pattern. Saudi Salajah is known internationally for the quality and scale of  cold rooms installation and repairing. And  the modular cold rooms is an integration of sandwich panels  which are  designed for cold room assembly.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Keep Your Food Safe..Keep Your Health Safe….

For specific applications, efficiencies of living beings  may depend on the physical environment in which they live. Temperature, humidity, pressure ,etc are some of the important environment variables that keep changing in our life. Thus , commercial refrigeration  is very important  in Human beings. Now it is easy with Saudi Salajah ,the complete cold chain solutions. Controlling the environments of the living being by Air conditioning andrefrigeration. From Farms to our houses, it’s necessary to keep the vegetables  in cold places. Containers which carry this vegetables must be refrigerated. Refrigeration is now easy with Saudi Salajah, one of the leading truck refrigeration company. Refrigeratedtrucks provide cold confinements to surroundings .Thereby truck refrigeration  reducing the temperature level.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Feel the Complete Refrigeration….

A commercial refrigerator that will   combine  your cold storage so you can keep your most popular frozen items easily accessible. A refrigerated  truck designed to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures.  Refrigerated Truck   understands that “fresh” is not simply about how it produced was harvested or products were created. If you want a Catering to the needs of Food Processing Industry, these refrigerated trucks are helpful   transporting perishable products at low temperature. Saudi Salajah   cold chain solution provides high quality refrigeration for your truck.

Monday, 9 May 2016

In the modern era,it's much more difficult to keep our food items in a safety way.The major reason for damaging of food items is rise in temperature. So, it's necessary to keep  temperature in food items .Temperature controlling can be done by different ways.Such as refrigeration, air conditioning etc. Refrigeration had a large impact on the industry, lifestyle, agriculture, etc. Cities are heavily dependent upon refrigeration in markets, in order to obtain their food for daily consumption..The introduction of refrigeration allowed for the hygienic handling and storage of perishables growth, consumption, and nutrition.Most homes in warm climate need an air conditioning and also our travels need it.for some it may be luxurious but actually it means comfort and necessity.Saudi Salajah wants the consumers to be informed about their air conditioning and refrigeration. Are you in need to buy durable, steady and energy-efficient air conditioner .Then you should consider the following things


  1. How  It Works
  2. What a ton of cooling is
  3. What goes wrong
  4. Lighten your load,  etc

Refrigeration is the movement of heat from one to another location in a controlled manner Refrigeration played a large part in the  popularity and practicality of the modern supermarket..By using refrigerators you can keep your favorite vegetables and fruits for a long time.If you need a refrigerator,considering the following criteria .


1.Choose your size
2.Choose your style
3.Pick your features
4.Pick your brand
5.Make your decision

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Temperature Controlled Food Transport - Food Safety

From farm to plate, keeping food safety is one of the major difficulty we face. Cold storage, Transport refrigeration, Insulated trucks, Display units like chillers and freezers etc has a major role in keeping foods safe. Perishable foods always need a good care until it reaches someone’s plate. From the production area to this end user is a big journey. A good temperature control is efficient for this, in both storage and transportation of food. Multiple studies shows that how logistic problem and lack of efficient cold storage and transport facilities affect the quality of food.

In this case comes the use of cold supply chains. They keep the food fresh from harvesting area to sale to the end customer. One of the most effective ways  is to keep food safe is to provide it with efficient temperature control. Cold rooms in harvesting station can always keep the food fresh. From there to the end users we need to provide good transport facilities. Refrigerated transport is a good option, it could preserve the food to a long period. 

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

How to use a Commercial Freezers efficiently ?

Heating and cooling becomes the daily demand in a country like Saudi Arabia. Commercial freezers are one of the commonly used refrigeration unit in business firms like Hotels, restaurant, Fresh meat supply stores etc. 

Here we share some tips to make your Display  Freezers run efficiently.These are some of the Best efficiency practices used for Commercial freezers in Saudi Arabia


  • Choose energy efficient Freezer:

Purchasing an energy efficient freezer  can save your business more than 50 percent every year. Proper installation of compressor is one of the major things that reward good freezer efficiency.  Invest on a reputed Commercial Refrigeration Solution in Saudi Arabia that can assure you perfect installation.

  • Location:

Placing your Display freezer in a more heat receiving area will not make it an energy efficient one. In fact, it will seriously affect the compressor life. The best option is to, keep your commercial display freezer away from cooking equipment and try to keep it in a place with least sunlight.

  • Purchase a blast chiller:

If you are planning to use the freezer to cool stuff quickly, let me remind you that it is the worst idea.Placing hot stuff  in freezer makes it work hard and also affect its efficiency. Instead, you can simply use a blast chiller which is more suitable for this.

  • Spend in an open door alarm:

Practice a discipline system among your employees to avoid leaving the freezer door open, thereby letting the cool air out. To make your employees alert,  find freezer models with an open door alarm. This saves money by reducing energy consumption.

Last but not the least, frequent servicing will always make an equipment better functioning. Purchase the freezer from an Industrial Refrigeration solution in Saudi Arabia having periodic repair and maintenance.

Friday, 8 January 2016


Saudi Salajah Cold Storage

Are you in need to buy durable, steady and energy-efficient Cold Rooms in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? Then, you should consider a few things.  Here in this blog, you will get the complete information regarding features of cold rooms available in the market these days.

Cold rooms are the modular structures that are specially designed to maintain consistent temperature within. They are build up of panels with flexible sizes in order to make sure that there is enough space for storage. Cold Rooms are available in various dimensions, provided with features for optimal temperature management.

When you are planning to buy cold storage, always expend wisely. It must be authentic, energy-efficient and ideal enough to retain your products at ideal temperature and to maintain a high level of purity ensuring that products are stored in a regulated environment.

Features of an Ideal Cold Room

Some of the typical cold room features include;
  • Adaptive  construction that provides fast and easy installation
  • Flexible Panels
  • Optimal temperature control  over a wide range
  • Flexible to suit different products
  • Highly insulated, airtight seal that helps to maintain steady  temperature
  • View port – In case of some cold rooms
Things to consider while selecting Cold Rooms?

  • Refrigeration technology based on which they are designed
  • The Extend of insulation provided
  • The temperature range they can sustain
  • Additional features like Storage space or shelving, that depends
  • Whether the design is flexible, that means one that allows future modification?
  • Requirement of periodic maintenance?
Cold rooms are specially designed for storing large number of perishable goods like dairy products, fruits & vegetables, fresh fish & meat etc. These units need to be well-maintained and managed in order to perform energy efficient.  Usually cold storage unit contains latest infrastructures like built-in sensors and alarms to identify the occurring problem as soon as possible. In some cases there is a view port that allows one to monitor the cold room, without opening its door.

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