Thursday, 14 January 2016

How to use a Commercial Freezers efficiently ?

Heating and cooling becomes the daily demand in a country like Saudi Arabia. Commercial freezers are one of the commonly used refrigeration unit in business firms like Hotels, restaurant, Fresh meat supply stores etc. 

Here we share some tips to make your Display  Freezers run efficiently.These are some of the Best efficiency practices used for Commercial freezers in Saudi Arabia


  • Choose energy efficient Freezer:

Purchasing an energy efficient freezer  can save your business more than 50 percent every year. Proper installation of compressor is one of the major things that reward good freezer efficiency.  Invest on a reputed Commercial Refrigeration Solution in Saudi Arabia that can assure you perfect installation.

  • Location:

Placing your Display freezer in a more heat receiving area will not make it an energy efficient one. In fact, it will seriously affect the compressor life. The best option is to, keep your commercial display freezer away from cooking equipment and try to keep it in a place with least sunlight.

  • Purchase a blast chiller:

If you are planning to use the freezer to cool stuff quickly, let me remind you that it is the worst idea.Placing hot stuff  in freezer makes it work hard and also affect its efficiency. Instead, you can simply use a blast chiller which is more suitable for this.

  • Spend in an open door alarm:

Practice a discipline system among your employees to avoid leaving the freezer door open, thereby letting the cool air out. To make your employees alert,  find freezer models with an open door alarm. This saves money by reducing energy consumption.

Last but not the least, frequent servicing will always make an equipment better functioning. Purchase the freezer from an Industrial Refrigeration solution in Saudi Arabia having periodic repair and maintenance.

Friday, 8 January 2016


Saudi Salajah Cold Storage

Are you in need to buy durable, steady and energy-efficient Cold Rooms in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? Then, you should consider a few things.  Here in this blog, you will get the complete information regarding features of cold rooms available in the market these days.

Cold rooms are the modular structures that are specially designed to maintain consistent temperature within. They are build up of panels with flexible sizes in order to make sure that there is enough space for storage. Cold Rooms are available in various dimensions, provided with features for optimal temperature management.

When you are planning to buy cold storage, always expend wisely. It must be authentic, energy-efficient and ideal enough to retain your products at ideal temperature and to maintain a high level of purity ensuring that products are stored in a regulated environment.

Features of an Ideal Cold Room

Some of the typical cold room features include;
  • Adaptive  construction that provides fast and easy installation
  • Flexible Panels
  • Optimal temperature control  over a wide range
  • Flexible to suit different products
  • Highly insulated, airtight seal that helps to maintain steady  temperature
  • View port – In case of some cold rooms
Things to consider while selecting Cold Rooms?

  • Refrigeration technology based on which they are designed
  • The Extend of insulation provided
  • The temperature range they can sustain
  • Additional features like Storage space or shelving, that depends
  • Whether the design is flexible, that means one that allows future modification?
  • Requirement of periodic maintenance?
Cold rooms are specially designed for storing large number of perishable goods like dairy products, fruits & vegetables, fresh fish & meat etc. These units need to be well-maintained and managed in order to perform energy efficient.  Usually cold storage unit contains latest infrastructures like built-in sensors and alarms to identify the occurring problem as soon as possible. In some cases there is a view port that allows one to monitor the cold room, without opening its door.

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