Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Cold Room Services in Saudi Arabia

A cool room is basic to a few industries, giving a perfect storage solution to safeguard different items like foods and medicines. It is additionally utilized for both business and logical applications to control the temperature in a particular domain including data centers and research facilities. The industrial refrigeration system installed in cool rooms will rely on upon the prerequisites and determinations. The refrigeration system involves a condenser unit, evaporator unit and a rack system. The evaporator unit is introduced inside the walk in refrigerator, while the condenser unit is situated outside the building or in a plant space to keep it from producing extra warmth inside the building and the cold room.

In recognized industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical and research & environmental, temperature controlled environments are vital to ensure that products and supplies are kept in optimum condition. Saudi Salajah brings the cold rooms services in Riyadh. We manufactured cold rooms of any size as per the need of customer.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Blast Chillers And Freezers in Riyadh

The major aim of blast chillers and blast freezers is to rapidly drop the temperature of food. These chillers and freezers are the most effective way of chilling food safely and preventing from damage.
Blast chillers and freezers are the perfect addition to any commercial catering establishment as restaurants, hotels, cafes and school canteens where food is pre-prepared and re-heated when needed
Maintains Food Quality
Common bacterial development amid the cooling procedure implies that once cooked, sustenance loses a large portion of its engaging qualities. So as to keep up nourishment quality it is essential to lessen any type of sustenance crumbling by taking control of mugginess, time and temperature. Picking the correct impact chiller/cooler will empower you.
Prevents Food Shrinkage
Depending upon the nourishment sort, encompassing temperature, moistness and time scales, sustenance can rapidly lessen in size and weight through dampness misfortune. Utilizing the right chilling system, an impact chiller can fundamentally lessen the level of drying out of items by keeping the regular vanishing that happens when nourishment is left to cool in a typical domain.
Improves Shelf Life
By reducing the timeframe when nourishment temperature normally quickens the rate at which harmful bacteria develops, you can build the time span of usability of items.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Commercial Refrigeration Company in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Salajah is the main organization which fulfills the refrigeration and air conditioning need in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. We undertake industrial and commercial refrigeration services as well as provide transport refrigeration solutions to the industry.We embrace the establishment of refrigeration units over trucks, vans and transport aerating and cooling. Refrigerated trucks are key for transportation and putting away of nourishment material, substance, fish and pharmaceutical. We give an answer for the client according to their necessities and uses. We generally convey the administration at the time.
We have an all around expert group for the installation and repair of bus air conditioning in the Riyadh. We offer you the best administration to inspire your going through the transport. We have worldwide Brands like Carrier, Zepro, Thermal Master, we are well equipped to serve the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia industry with modern and reliable refrigeration products and services. We likewise construct cold body truck manufacturer to keep the nourishment protected, fitting of chillers and freezers in truck, cold rooms, ice plants and display chillers.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Steps To Build Cold Rooms !!!

Step 1: site selection and preparation
 Based on the nature of use, cold storage can be divided into distributed cold room, retailed cold room and productive cold room. Productive cold room is built in the place that has concentrated supply of goods, convenient transportation and close distance to market. Cold storage is better built in the shade areas. The small cold room should be built inside the building. Cold storage should have good drainage conditions.
Step 2: confirmation of cold storage capacity and temperature
 The size of cold room should be determined by the amount of storage. The limit is computed by involved volume of capacity items, the line path, space between the roof and heap and divider, and the bundling crevice. After assurance of frosty stockpiling limit, we ought to decide the length and stature of icy room. Essential subordinate structures and offices ought to be considered in cool room outline, for example, working room, pressing room, instrument room, stacking and emptying room and so on.
Step 3: selection and installation of cold storage heat preservation material
Determination of cool storage heat safeguarding material ought to alter measures to nearby conditions. The material ought have great warmth protection execution as well as be monetary and down to earth. Chilly stockpiling protection material has a few sorts: one is thst can be prepared into settled shape and detail which has settled length, width and thickness. Distinctive boards are accessible as indicated by various collecting needs.
 Step 4: selection of cold storage cooling system
Determination of cold storage cooling system is basically the choice of refrigeration compressor and the evaporator. As a rule, little cool room picks hermetic compressor on the grounds that the hermetic compressor has low power and the cost is moderately shabby. Medium-sized frosty room for the most part chooses semi-hermetic compressor. Vast estimated cold room chooses semi-hermetic compressor. High temperature cool room picks fan sort evaporator whose attributes is quick down temperature speed however effectively water devouring.