Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Display Units in Saudi Arabia

If you are looking to buy display freezer and chillers for your convenience store, retail outlet or restaurant, then Saudi Salajah is the right place for all the refrigeration and air conditioning products and services. The commonly used refrigerator in stores and supermarkets is the multideck display fridges.These refrigerators are popular on a commercial level because they offer a accommodating storage capacity. These display units have an excellent display area so they are the best option for displaying the products for the customers.The counter top display freezer allows cafes, convenience stores, cafeteria and other businesses keep food and drinks at the ideal temperature to carry off the odds of food poisoning which might result due to the improper storage.The counter top displays are seen in the local food store or in restaurants. With the upright display freezers, buyers can easily see the available food and drink items without opening the doors.  We undertake the renovation or replacement of old display units with cost effective new units. Our qualified and experienced technical team ensures trouble free operation of the display units.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Display Units in Saudi Arabia

One of the leading Refrigeration Company in Saudi Arabia is Saudi Salajah. The refrigeration company is often the most underestimated element in our experience with fit outs. A good display units can make a cake more delicious, a block of cheese more tasty, or a can of soda more accessible. Grocery stores, bakeries and cafeteria that want to display their sliced meats, cakes and prepared sandwiches can use a curved-glass display case.  Freezer storage by Saudi Salajah is another area, like refrigeration, that has many optional extras and different models, but the important thing is purchasing the right unit for your application.  Commercial refrigeration units from Saudi Salajah are a required piece of equipment for most restaurant kitchens. As the need of Hypermarket and Supermarket requirements the display units are designed, installed and maintained.The idea behind this is to keep cold foods cold and reduce the possibility of food poisoning. All refrigeration products and solution is to keep the ingredients and the food you make safe for consumption. This is achieved by ensuring that the food are kept in the proper temperature which is on or below 5 degree Celsius. Refrigerated displays by Saudi Salajah are also generally not designed for the storage of food unless all the glass is completely protected for the encompassing temperature where they are working. In cooler or air conditioned spaces that can mean double coating, but in hotter and more humid climates argon filled triple coating might be necessary to maintain the display refrigeration.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Reefer Containers

Summer season is the time when we consume more juicy fruit, cold ice cream and products that can be used in summer time We require reefer trucks to deliver it all. Refrigerated trucks or reefer trucks help to deliver the  perishable cargo to different locations.

In case you're pulling reefer cargo, it's imperative to keep up your trailer so you deliver undamaged and unspoiled foods. Pulling refrigerated freight can be hazardous in light of the fact that if the trailer's temperature gets too high or plunges too low, your load could be ruined or make people sick. With these tips you can help protect your load safe, so everybody can enjoy the tastes of summer.

Trailer to be washed: If you're pulling meat, blood can spread over the trailer floor and potentially taint your next load. To maintain a strategic distance from this, make sure to wash out your trailer after each load.

Monitor the temperature: Ask the shipper what temperature you ought to keep the load safe. Being off even one degree can ruin the cargo. Microscopic organisms can develop if the temperature gets too high, so make sure to watch the trailer temperature before, during and after loading.

Fuel:It's a smart thought to touch base at the shipper with a full fuel tank. A few shippers won't not give you a chance to pull a load with not three-fourth of tank. Since most chilling units run a diesel generator, losing power because of low fuel could harm the load.
Saudi Salajah is the one of the leading transport refrigeration company in Saudi Arabia.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Compressor Rack System

Parallel compressor refrigeration racks have been the essential wellspring of refrigeration for the supermarket industry throughout the years. The market business has understood that parallel rack system offer a few advantages over customary split systems. These advantages incorporate expanded effectiveness, decreased installation costs, and exceptionally exact control. There is a wide range of utilizations outside of the market business where these advantages can be used.The parallel rack system can offer the business and modern refrigeration markets.Depending upon the application, a parallel compressor rack can likewise drastically lessen establishment costs when contrasted with customary split system. The commercial and industrial style split system  application would require a few distinctive condensing units.
Saudi Salajah is the leading refrigeration company in Saudi Arabia which offers industrial and commercial products and services.We design, install and maintain the display units and cold rooms.The compressor rack system can be used for large capacity refrigeration requirements.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Condensing Unit From Saudi Salajah

Air conditioning and Refrigeration Company in Saudi Arabia utilize an indistinguishable working standards and fundamental parts from your home cooler. An aerating and cooling organization in Saudi Arabia cools your home with a cold indoor coil called the evaporator. A pump, called the compressor, moves a warmth exchange liquid (or refrigerant) between the evaporator and the condenser. There are various parts to consider in a condensing unit in Riyadh establishment in contrast with an evaporator establishment in Riyadh. These parts offer many points of interest, depending upon the application, and can secure the compressor, offer limit control in differing loads, guide hot gas to a warmth recover, give defrost to air, electric, or hot gas evaporators, guarantee appropriate oil in a compressor crankcase, offer snappy checks of refrigerant levels, and numerous different capacities. Remembering these components, here are 7 tips for a fruitful condensing unit installation in Riyadh:

1) Make sure the model, voltage, phase and refrigerant type are correct.
2) Select a location
3) Inspect and tighten
4) Piping the unit properly
5) Always leak check the unit
6) Insulate all piping
7) Save time