Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Role of refrigerated Trucks ........

Refrigerated transportation carriers from saudi salajah ,the top refrigeration company are a must when you require to  transport fresh items. If you’re just starting to look at this method of transport, the following fundamentals should give you an idea of what you can expect from a shipper.

1. Temperature Controlled – To ensure that all food substance remain within the temperature controls dictated by federal food code guidelines, refrigerated transportation carriers use thermometers and temperature control systems to ensure that all food remains at the appropriate temperature for the duration of the journey. This gives you peace of mind that your food is being transported in a way that conserve it flavor and protects it from spoil. Carrier transportation should be able to hold your food at below freezing or normal refrigerated temperature so that everything arrives in the best likely condition.

2. Items package for defense – Since many items that need refrigeration are also highly perishable and breakable, you can expect a refrigerated carrier to have methods in place to protect goods from jostling during transport. Truck refrigeration  have superior deferral systems so that items in transit are not jostled by the rough condition of a highway. Generally, refrigerated moving carriers will have measures in place concerning the damage of items during transit, so that you have peace of mind that all the items shipped will arrive in usable condition.

3. Costlier Than Regular Cargo Transit – Refrigerated trucks, which are used in this type of transportation, consume more petroleum than non-refrigerated trucks. The extra fuel helps to keep the refrigerated container cool during the journey. As a result, the overall cost of carrying items from one place to one more is significantly higher when using a chilled truck.

In addition to serving the idea of transporting food substance, refrigerated trailers provide the solution to long-distance transport of vaccines and medicines that commonly need to be maintained at lower temperatures. This is termed as the “cold chain”. For shipment of items that are temperature sensitive, chilled trucking and logistics is the ideal answer for providing an unbroken series for cold storage and conveyance from producer to the consumer end. In this way, the integrity and the molecular formulation of the medicines is maintained for maximum efficiency.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Needs of Parallel Compressor System in Refrigeration ......

Refrigeration systems designed by Saudi salajah to provide the highest level of energy efficiency while maintain an operational integrity that is supreme in the industry.

Parallel Compressor Systems offered by Saudi salajah feature multiple compressors that all work together to be sufficient refrigerated loads.  This type of system is applied to many different applications; the most common are supermarkets, large chilled warehouse space, cold storage & allocation centers, and food processing facilities.Parallel Systems or “Racks” provide enormous incentive over alternative refrigeration methods.  The most notable advantages are:

Energy Efficiency–  By using numerous compressors and processor optimization, the compressors cycle on and off to always match the precise cooling requirements.  Therefore compressors are not forced to run only to maintain a working pressure.  some other factors help reduce energy use when using parallel systems, for example–condenser fan cycling, compressor receiving, lower year round head pressure,  and hot gas unfreeze.

Compressor Redundancy– Through the use of numerous compressors all working together to maintain the load, a certain degree of redundancy is created.  If a compressor failure occurs, there are additional rack systems of compressors to hand out the load which provide minimal divergence from design temperature.  The degree of redundancy can be specified to a point where no temperature divergence occurs.

Flexibility– Systems are custom designed to match the exact needs of the customer.  Moreover, through flexibility of compressor performance and computer controls future load additions or temperature changes can be accommodating.