Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Cold rooms

غرفة التبريد الباردة @ سعودي سلاجة

هل تبحث عن موردين من الغرف الباردة الفعالة في الطاقة في المملكة العربية السعودية؟ اختيارك الصحيح هو في السعودية سلاجة. قد تكون قد سمعت عن غرف الباردة، كما يوحي الاسم غرف الباردة يمكن وصفها بأنها مبردات كبيرة الحجم المشي لمسافات قصيرة تخزين المواد القابلة للتلف مثل الفواكه والخضروات واللحوم والأسماك ومنتجات الألبان أو المنتجات الخاصة مثل الأدوية والمواد الكيميائية وغيرها. يمكن استخدام الغرف الباردة لتخزين المنتجات المختلفة إما عند درجة حرارة إيجابية (تشمل منتجات الألبان والفواكه والخضروات والأدوية) أو في درجات حرارة سلبية (تشمل اللحوم المجمدة والأسماك والآيس كريم وغيرها). مهما كان الشرط الخاص بك في الغرفة الباردة، مع معايير عالية من منتجات ذات جودة عالية، أخلاقيات الأعمال والرعاية والرعاية غير منقوصة والخدمة السعودية سلاجاه جاهز لخدمتك في خط الأعمال الخاصة بك. السعودية صلاجاه يضمن لتلبية مجموعة واسعة من المتطلبات في الغرفة الباردة من خلال توفير كفاءة في استخدام الطاقة، وانخفاض مستوى الضجيج وصيانة منخفضة حلول التبريد. تقدم السلاجة السعودية:

  • فعالة من حيث التكلفة وحل كفاءة الطاقة لمتطلبات الغرفة الباردة الخاصة بك.
  • سريعة وسهلة التركيب.
  • توزيع موحد لدرجات الحرارة.
  • لوحات وفقا لمتطلبات العملاء.
  • إعدادات الباب وفقا لمتطلبات العملاء

لجهودكم غرفة الباردة يحتاج، لا تتردد في الاتصال بنا على العنوان التالي:
استفسارات الخدمة: +966 599675476

استفسارات المبيعات: + 966 551476475

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Cold Room Construction in Riyadh

Are you looking for Suppliers of Energy Efficient Cold Rooms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Your right choice is at SAUDI SALAJAH. You may have heard about Cold Rooms, as the name implies Cold Rooms can be termed as large size walk-in coolers for short term storage of perishables like fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products or special products like medicines, chemicals etc. Cold Rooms can be used for storing various products either at positive temperature (includes Dairy Products, Fruits and Vegetables and Pharmaceuticals) or at negative temperatures (includes Frozen Meat and Fish, Ice cream etc). Whatever may be your requirement in Cold Room, with high standards of quality products, business ethics, uncompromised care and service SAUDI SALAJAH is ready to serve you in your Business line. SAUDI SALAJAH guarantees to meet your wide range of requirements in Cold Room by providing energy efficient, low noise and low maintenance Refrigeration Solutions. Saudi Salajah provide:
Cost Effective and Energy Efficient Solution for your Cold Room requirements.
Fast and easy Installation.
Systematic distribution of temperature.
Panels as per the Customer needs.
Door settings as per the Customer Requirements.
For your Cold Room requirements, Please feel free to contact us at:
Service Enquiries: +966 599675476
Sales Enquiries: + 966 551476475

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Compressor Rack System

Parallel compressor refrigeration racks have been the essential source of refrigeration for the market store throughout the years. The supermarket business has understood that parallel rack system offers a few advantages over customary split systems. These advantages include increased efficiency, low installation costs, and extremely exact control. There are, be that as it may, a wide range of uses outside of the supermarket business where these advantages can be used. The compressor rack system has many advantages in industrial and commercial refrigeration market. These rack systems are used in large capacity refrigeration requirement.The number of compressors arranged in parallel help to save the energy.According to the need of the application, a parallel compressor rack can also reduce installation costs when compared to traditional split systems. Saudi Salajah the refrigeration and air conditioning company in Riyadh offers the products and services for rack system.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Cold Room Installation

Saudi Salajah is the leading suppliers of cold room panels in Saudi Arabia, we have been asked to fulfill many cold storage installation projects. The size of the cold room constructs has varied hugely from large cold storage as chillers and freezers to small cold rooms for labs, pharmacy and bakeries.The genuine requirement for cold room installation has constantly tended to fall more into the large, industrial cold storage market.The cold room is needed to operate within a temperature range of -22 C to +12 C. We manufacture any size of cold rooms by using renowned condensing and evaporator units. Panels, installation and maintenance are done under our expert team.We also provide industrial refrigeration solution, chillers, blast chillers and blast freezers.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Truck Refrigeration

Refrigeration solution is the basic need in many industries. It's a procedure of moving heat from one area to another area in controlled conditions. Refrigeration is a closed System that requires keeping a thing beneath room temperature by storing the thing in a system to cool or freeze.Saudi Salajah provide the best truck refrigeration solution Saudi Arabia.Reefer Trucks or refrigerated trucks, are vans and trucks that incorporate a refrigeration unit for the freight zone to maintain particular atmospheres for temperature-delicate loads.

Finding the correct truck refrigeration solution can be troublesome on the off chance that you don't know which reefer will give you the most advantages.So choosing the best refrigeration solution depends on the size of the vehicle and transporting material.We provide the reefers for delivering products that include fresh produce, flowers, dairy products, frozen food and pharmaceuticals.