Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Display Freezers & Chillers

The food business simply like some other business can only run productively if it has all the essential equipment. Displaying the food is a great method for pulling in the customers and enhancing sales. The food display counters are a fundamental piece of the effective food business. Displaying the variety of food available in the store makes the customers interested to explore your place and buy products.So to keep your food material maintained and good condition is challenging. The display freezers and chillers are designed for making sure that the food can put on display to maintain its freshness.

The main advantage of using the display units is the storing in a perfect temperature and ensuring a good hygiene.The temperature is the main factor in ensuring the safe storage of food materials.The hygiene is the other main factor to take care of in the food business.We provide the customer with remotely placed refrigeration and direct plug in self contained units. And get better merchandising power for the carrier display units.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Insulated boxes & reefer containers

Shipping containers are used in extremely different ways across a wide variety of industries. Saudi Salajah is one of the  leading service provider of refrigerated and insulated storage containers in Saudi Arabia. One of the main applications of shipping containers is in their role in the preservation and production of fresh produce.

Now a days the containers are used to extend the lifespan of fruit and vegetables after they have been harvested.The capacity to preserve fresh produce for longer implies that producers can utilize more financial strategies for transporting their goods.Our customized units can be used to keep products at a specific temperature to lengthen their lifespan, prevent spoilage and ensure they are always ready when you or your customers need them.Our customized units can be utilized to keep items at a particular temperature to stretch their lifespan, to avoid them from getting spoiled and always ready when customers need them.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Transport Refrigeration

Refrigeration in general in its different applications from household unit refrigeration to transport refrigeration has turned out to be basic in today's society. Utilization of transport refrigeration in its different modes as road based, sea based and air-based for the transport of of preserved food materials to medicinal supplies and other items with the growing demand. Transport refrigeration equipment, cold chain observing arrangements and substitution segments help secure our global food supply and other perishable freight. The companies are putting forth entire scope of transport refrigeration units intended to suite a wide range of vehicles, providing needs for single or multi-temperature cooling, dependability, limit, adaptability, convenience and cost while additionally regarding nature. Transport refrigeration is a key element of each cold chain perishable goods, diary products,industrial chemicals and medicinal supplies, must be refrigerated on their way from production to the consumer. Refrigerated transport expands food safety and averts financial losses due to spoilage. Trucks and trailers are in many parts of the world the primary method of transport for refrigerated goods. Saudi Salajah is the leading transport refrigeration company in Saudi Arabia

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Cold Chain Supply

The medicinal products need to be stored and shipped at lower than ambient temperatures to  guarantee their quality and viability. These are often referred to as cold chain products and wholesale dealers are expected to store and distribute them in different location and ensure that products are reached safe.The main cold chain items, such as vaccines, insulin, biotech products needed to keep in ambient temperature.Taking after dispatch from an manufacturing facility, the appropriation chain for medicinal items can be complex, which include large storage areas, wholesalers and methods of transport, before the delivery reaches the pharmacy.Now the main concern is the transportation of the pharmaceuticals products to other locations.The transportation arrangements from one location to another should be regarded as an expansion of the storage activities and distributors are expected to treat each journey as unique with the distance and complexity, variation in seasons, being considered when choosing the packing method and mode of distribution.The products should be properly packed to ensure that the required temperature are maintained throughout the way.When the products reached at the pharmacy, it is important to checked in and placed in a refrigerator.