Friday, 28 July 2017

Truck Refrigeration in Riyadh

If you're planning to transport the food items to long distance, the best way is through truck refrigeration. The refrigerated truck creates the best way for effective transportation of fresh and frozen foods.The transport refrigeration of goods is a complex process because the perishable goods should be kept at the correct temperature.And you need to ensure that the product reach at time and in the best condition. The reefer trucks are best for delivering the products like fresh produce, flowers, frozen food, dairy products and medicines. Choosing the refrigeration solution depends on the size of the vehicle and the transporting item. Install the right truck refrigeration solution in your van, truck or trailer.

Saudi Salajah is the leading Air conditioning and Refrigeration Company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We offers transport refrigeration service for all food related industry.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Cold Stores in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cold store is a essential if you want to keep the quality of your food products.There are certain tips you need to keep in mind while using a cold storage.

  • Clean your condensing unit

Waste can accumulate in the fan and condenser of your cooling equipment this can cause delay in the performance. Make sure it is cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Check the Evaporator Coils
To get maximum cooling benefits, make sure your evaporator coils are clean and free from any obstruction that might affect airflow.

  • Check the condition of your building
Cracked roofing and walls can affect your cold storage equipment and allowing the cool air escape. This makes it difficult for the condenser units to control and maintain the desired cold room temperature.

  • Check the inside Temperature
Constantly monitor the temperature inside your cold storage to avoid the damage of food items.

  • Consider the Door Design and Seals
With the loss of refrigerated air, condenser units are needed to work harder to replace it this drives up power consumption. For a reliable performance, make sure that your door and seals are adequate.

If you looking for suppliers and service providers for cold stores in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh the best choice is Saudi Salajah. Saudi Salajah guarantees to meet your wide range of requirements in cold room and cold stores.

Monday, 3 July 2017


Restaurants and food-related businesses have to store perishable food products at optimum   temperatures while on display. SAUDI SALAJAH can help you in getting Display units for displaying the food in an excellent way of attracting the customers and thereby you can scale up your sales prospects. In order to have an excellent track in food business, Display Cabinets or Display Counters are all unavoidable factors to attract your customers.  It is very much essential to show case what all food commodities you are delivering to the customers to attract them and create a curiosity to have it.  For preserving the food until it reaches the end user is a challenging task when it comes to the case of Supermarkets or Hypermarkets or Bakeries. Display units offered in Saudi Salajah are designed with utmost care to serve your customers with 100% hygienic and fresh food items. We can offer you the units that can provide the perfect temperature and high quality display.
Saudi Salajah is offering display units designed as per the needs and requirements of our valued customers with all sorts of excellent features like Interior lighting for attracting customers. On providing aesthetic design the clients can get a clear cut view of the commodities displayed. It also delivers the freshness feel to commodities kept in the Display Units and thereby attracts your customers leading to create a prospect sale of your products.  High quality tempered glasses are used in the design of Display units that creates a value among the customers because it gives them a confidence that the food they are consuming are highly safeguarded from all sort of contaminants.
Saudi Salajah offers our customers with a wide variety of units like models with digital display for temperature setting. The customer can preset the required temperature very easily make it more user friendly. Besides that the stainless steel material used in fabrication of these display units can ensure good hygiene practices as it is germ resistant.
If you are in Business related to food commodities, or are you going to start a Restaurant or Supermarket or Hypermarket definitely you will be in need of Display Chillers/ Freezers or serve over counters, Display Cabinets, We are ready to serve you with a wide range of products. Please feel free to contact us at:
Service Enquiries: +966 599675476

Sales Enquiries: + 966 551476475