Monday, 15 August 2016

Are Your Food Items being Safe??Do You Have Cold Rooms????

 A cold store is any building or part of a building utilized for capacity at temperatures controlled by refrigeration at lower range. There are a wide range of sorts of organizations that require the utilization of cold room. Eateries, supermarkets, inns, providing food organizations, flower specialists or even research foundations and labs. Each one of these organizations will have diverse requirements for their cold room. An eatery or inn may require a greater cooler to keep nourishment for more, while a research center may just need to store a couple tests in a little space. Cold rooms can be built fit as a fiddle and size. A cold room made particularly to suit your necessities implies that you won't need to spend superfluous additional cash on space you needn't bother with. Being one of the main firms in the business, Saudi Salajah are possessed in introducing a wide cluster of Cold Room Indoor Unit. Salajah's experts utilize just quality allowed crude material, procured from solid suppliers of industry like Al mullah Group,GEA  Germany, Walter Roller & Company etc. These company items are greatly utilized as a part of the business sector because of their smooth usefulness and top execution. What's more, Cold Room specialists have both broad and serious space information of your industry - learning that helps us outline and convey effective, dependable and impeccable Cold Room in Riyadh answers for your accurate need. These are connected into sustenance handling, accommodation, distribution centers, nourishment retail, dairy and frozen yogurt industry, meat, chicken and fish preparing industry, horticulture, pharmaceuticals and numerous others. Advantages of cool rooms are:

1.       High and Consistent quality.
2.       Higher vitality reserve funds and elite as low warm conductivity.
3.       Dry development, snappy and simple to erect.
4.       Flexibility to pick the different thicknesses of boards.
5.       Higher vitality investment funds and superior.
6.       Doors with Hinges locks and Handles.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Cold Rooms for Sale .......

A cold room is a room or modular structure is designed to optimize uniform temperature within. Saudi Salajah in Riyadh, the top refrigeration company offers cold rooms for customers with a wide variety. Cold rooms are indispensable part of food industry. They will provide good storage at optimum temperatures for keeping food fresh. Cold rooms in Riyadh can fulfill the required standard of food safety. Typically, there are two types of commercial cold rooms; walk-in cold rooms and interleaving modular cold rooms. Cold room storage is also required for many types of non-edible goods such as medical, chemical or other laboratory supplies, as well as plant and flower crops. Saudi Salajah offers cold rooms in Saudi with the following features:

Modular construction that enables quick and easy installation.
Flexible panel sizes.
Wide range optimal temperature management.
Multi functional settings to suit different products.
A cold room by Saudi Salajah ensures that walls, ceilings, doors, corners and floors are perfectly         aligned.
Consists of sliding doors etc.

          Saudi Salajah is the manufacturers and suppliers Cold Rooms in Middle East. Salajah offers cold room construction as per the customer requirements and cold rooms such as cold rooms for dairy, cold rooms for sea food industry, cold rooms for hotels and restaurant, cold rooms for convenience store, cold rooms for hospitals, colds rooms for floriculture segment, cold rooms for horticulture etc.