Sunday, 31 July 2016

Al mulla Products From Saudi Salajah

Carrier provides commercial refrigeration solutions to meet the needs of all types of stores, from large supermarkets to smaller convenience stores. Al mullas group’s refrigerated boxes are available in a wide variety of unit styles, each recognized for quality, performance and energy efficiency. Al Mulla Group is a leading diversified privately held business group based in the State of Kuwait. Al Mulla Transport Refrigeration division was established in 1984 for the purpose of manufacturing insulated bodies used for frozen, chiller and dry cargo transportation. Saudi Salajah provides refrigerated boxes and cold storage boxes of Al mulla groups. Salajah offers Cargo boxes for various types of goods with customized storage & opening for different applications, for instance sliding doors, shutter doors of Al mulla Group.Al mulla Products which are provided from Saudi Salajah have Some Advantages like Light weight body, high load bearing capacity, easy assembly and mounting on vehicles etc. Customers do not need to choose between performance and efficiency when it comes to commercial refrigeration.  Saudi Salajah’s offers Al mullas refrigerated boxes in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia.Al mulla give Specially engineered flooring, having high load bearing capacity, resistant to water seepage, Special flooring with aluminum T-sections available for tougher usage involving movement of pallet trucks through Saudi Salajah.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Bitzer Condensing Units in Riyadh

Saudi Salajah, the top air conditioning and Refrigeration Company in Saudi Arabia offers Bitzer condensing units for the customers. Bitzer condensing units are compact .Robust condensing units with semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors are Offered by Saudi Salajah. Compared to individual compressor and condenser combinations, they operate optimally and with low sound levels even in high ambient temperatures. The air-cooled condensing units from Saudi Salajah with large heat exchange surfaces are extremely versatile thanks to individual compressor and condenser combinations. Depending on requirements, the appropriate compressor can be mounted on the condensing unit. Saudi Salajah offers the broadest, most reliable condensing unit product line possible. Condensing units have various designs and come in many sizes ranging from small household appliance units to very large industrial units used in food and manufacturing processes. Saudi Salajah, pioneer the design and development of condensing units for various applications.  We offer a complete range of air and water-cooled, indoor and outdoor condensing units for commercial refrigeration applications. Bitzer is the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors over 3 HP. Bitzer compressors is famous for their low sound levels. We change capacities within a frame size by changing our bore diameters rather than the length of the piston strokes. Bitzer condensing units are offered by Saudi Salajah in Riyadh. High efficiency Bitzer condensing unit with heat pump variant provides heating & cooling for industry standard air handling units from Saudi Salajah.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Cold Store Designs in Saudi

Foods and many other commodities can be preserved by storage at low temperature, which retards the activities of micro organisms. Micro organisms are the spoilage agents and consist of bacteria, yeasts and molds. Low temperature does not destroy those spoilage agents as does high temperature, but greatly reduces their activities, providing a practical way of preserving perishable foods in their natural state which otherwise is not possible through heating. The low temperature necessary for preservation depends on the storage time required often referred to as short or long term shortage and the type of product. A cold storage unit in Saudi Arabia incorporates a refrigeration system to maintain the desired room environment for the commodities to be stored. Saudi Salajah offers an excellent range of Cold Storage Equipment from Saudi Salajah to our clients. This Cold Storage facility in Riyadh is ideal for a varied range of products and commodities. Commodities such as vegetables and other edible items are required to be stored for a longer period of time. Less power consumption, High performance, Tough constructions are the main advantages.  Saudi Salajah is the leading refrigeration and air conditioning Company in Riyadh which manufacturing, exporting, importing & supplying an extensive array of Cold Storage. Designed with utmost precision, this cold storage is manufactured from quality proven raw material that ensure its quality and performance. Saudi Salajah’s Cold Storage Division offers you a wide range of cooling and preservation solutions.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Industrial chillers from Saudi Salajah are classified as a refrigeration system in Riyadh that cools a process fluid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities. A chiller From Saudi Salajah will use either a vapor compression or absorption cycle to cool. There are three different types of chillers: Air, Water, and Evaporative condensed chillers. The mechanical compression cycle of a Chiller has four basic components through which the refrigerant passes: (1) the evaporator (2) the compressor (3) the condenser (4) the expansion valve. The evaporator in the chiller will operate at a lower pressure and lower temperature than the condenser. Saudi Salajah is providing our esteemed customers with an exemplary Industrial Chiller. Designed in line with the prevailing markets trends, these products are suitable for providing cool water and air. These products are highly durable and efficient owing to top quality raw-material procured from the most reliable vendors in the market. Saudi Salajah is a designer & industrial chiller manufacturer. Our products include liquid chillers, portable chillers, used chillers, stationary chillers, air-cooled chillers, cooling systems, industrial chillers, & water chillers.  Chiller Manufactures in Riyadh are of the best quality, offered at low costs with long warranties. Saudi Salajah’s chillers are ideal for those applications which require water-cooling to run smoothly.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Chillers From Saudi Salajah

A "chiller," for our purpose, is a refrigeration system that cools water. This chiller maintenance in Riyadh can be used to cool a wide range of operations. Chiller maintenance types have been designed to cater to the diversified requirement of industrial chillers. Water chillers by Saudi Salajah have evolved due to the variety in availability of type of energy at industry or small level. Types of chillers have made the use of the chillers flexible in terms of energy input .Air conditioners and dehumidifiers condition the air while a chiller, using the same refrigerating operations, cools water, oil, or some other fluid. A few of the most common process chiller application examples: Plastics Industry, Printing Industry , Medical Industry - MRI systems, HVAC industry, Laser Cutting Industry. A chiller from Saudi Salajah can be used to cool any machine or process that operates at 60° F or over. A cooling tower can be used to cool any machine or process that operates at 85° F or higher.  Industrial chillers in Saudi Arabia are classified as a refrigeration system that cools a process fluid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities. There are three different types of chillers:

 (1) Air condensed chiller
 (2) Water condensed chiller
 (3) Evaporate condensed chiller.

 Industrial chillers are designed to perform at peak efficiency. Chiller   Maintenance Company in  Riyadh steps done on a regular basis will help guarantee your chiller will perform at an optimized    efficiency level.