Sunday, 26 June 2016

Refrigeration Comapny

        The Commercial refrigeration is a wonderful asset in today's society. Commercial Refrigeration is the process of removing heat energy from an enclosed space or from a substance in order to reducing the temperature. Refrigeration Company in Saudi Arabia is also defined as the action of maintaining the temperature of a particular space lower than that of the surrounding space. Food and drink retailers, distributors and producers are investing in refrigeration systems to maximize the energy efficiency, maintain product quality and quantity.  In the developing world, refrigeration Company in Saudi Arabia is chiefly used to store  the foodstuffs in  low temperatures, thereby  inhibiting the destructive action of bacteria’s .Whenever food is incorrectly stored in the fridge at a temperature that will decreases the nutrient value, appearance, or quality of the food.   The basic components of modern vapour-compression refrigeration equipment in Saudi Arabia are a compressor; a condenser; and an evaporator. Other applications of Commercial refrigeration include making ice, ice cream, chilled water, frozen food etc.

Monday, 20 June 2016

What Type Of Condensing Unit You Need???

In heat systems, a condenser is a device or unit used to condense a substance from its gaseous form to its liquid state, by cooling itself. There are three types of condensers used in the systems. We need to choose the right Condensing Unit in Riyadh:
Remote Cooled

1) Air Cooled

                    The most common type of Condensing Unit in Riyadh available in market is a Condensing Unit in Riyadh. As the name implies, it uses air to cool the ice machine that generally consumes less energy .However, in order for an air-cooled condenser to be effective, the temperature in the area has to be below 75 degrees.  Most common uses for air cooled condensers are domestic refrigerators, upright freezers and in residential packaged Condensing Unit in Riyadh.

2) Water Cooled

                 A second type of Condensing Unit in Riyadh is a water-cooled condenser. A water-cooled ice machine's production is mainly depending upon the temperature of the water, not air.  Depending on the location, the temperature of the water can vary will affecting output levels. Depending on the application you can choose from tube in tube, shell and coil or shell and tube condensers. All are essentially made to produce the same outcome, but each in a different way. 

 3)  Remote Cooled

                   The third type of Condensing Unit in Riyadh is known as a remote-cooled condenser. This type Condensing Unit in Riyadh of condenser is air-cooled. But it uses a separate cooling unit usually located on the roof to cool the ice machines. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Cold Storage Rooms in Saudi Arabia

Is it a requirement that your goods or products are kept in a temperature-controlled environment? Whether it’s for storage or transportation, it might be on the lookout for a good and efficient cool storage solution to prevent your products from deterioration. There are a number of options for you to choose from; chest-freezers, walk-in freezer rooms and cold storagefacilities. Cold Storage design in Saudi Arabia is a special type of room, in which the temperature is kept very low with the help of machines. And also precision instruments .In our fields we are producing variety of fruits and vegetables like apples, grapes, oranges, potatoes etc. It’s very important to keep them in a safe condition. Cold storage facilities in Saudi Arabia are the main component for those perishable commodities. During peak time of production and maintenance of quality of production, Cold storage design in Saudi Arabiaare helpful for extending the shelf life, period of marketing, reducing transport bottle necks etc. Advantages of a cold storage room in Saudi Arabia are:

1.       Cold storage units have multiple functions for a range of uses.

2.      Cold storage  design in Saudi Arabia offered adjustable control over temperature.

3.      Cold storage design units in Saudi Arabia offer customizable sizes and settings.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Why Air Conditioning???

Air conditioning is the process of removal of temperature from atmosphere. Air conditioning offers many advantages to homeowners and businesses. The main advantages are Save energy and maintain our ideal indoor air quality with that. Whatever is your need for air conditioning, cooling, Saudi salajah have a wide range of services available. Finally, Air conditioning units work by removing in warm air from a atmosphere, removing heat from that air, and then picking up the cool air back into the room .Our company  offers maintenance and installation services for your air conditioning, refrigeration units .Especially fitting of air conditioners for buses, refrigerators for trucks and fitting of  chillers and freezers.

Benefits of air conditioning:

Temperature control: We can easily control the temperature if the atmosphere gets too hot. This ensures comfortable of you and your family.

Removal of pollutants from the air:  An air conditioner helps circulate indoor air and filter out dust, smoke and other pollutants which cause Allergies.

Prevents overheating of Food Items.

Things to consider before installing an air conditioner:

Dry air – Air conditioners can remove humidity from the air, which will helps us to make indoors feel less stuffy on hot days.

•     Increased electricity consumption – Air conditioners works with electricity, so there will  be a rise in your electricity bill. However, our air conditioning units are very energy efficient .Therefore we can reduce our electricity bill.